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The Foo Fighters Greatest Hits ‘09

The Foo Fighters have become a huge success since their formation in 1995. Nearly sixteen years in the rock music scene and they have produced seven albums already. Before the recording and the release of their seventh album Wasting Lights, the band and the crew have released a greatest hits compilation which featured some of the best of the Foo Fighters songs. The Foo Fighters are entitled to have a greatest hits album since it’s such a great thing to offer the fans especially that the band has already proven itself to be among the biggest alternative rock bands of the 1990s and even up to this day.

This is for their fans who want to hear all the past and several of the best of the Foo Fighters singles all packed up together in one album. This is also in commemoration of the band’s 15th year anniversary. The Foo Fighters Greatest Hits was released on November 3, 2009 on Roswell/RCA.  New songs included in the album are ‘Word Forward’ and ‘Wheels’, which was written for the friend of Dave Grohl who had died.  Along with the two new singles are the Grammy Award-winning songs of the band such as ‘The Pretender’, ‘All My Life’ and ‘Learn to Fly’. Others songs in the album are ‘Best of You’, ‘Times Like These’, ‘My Hero’, ‘Times Like These’, ‘Monkey Wrench’, ‘Big Me’. ‘Breakout’, ‘This is a Call’, ‘Long Road to Ruin’, ‘Skin and Bones’, and ‘Everlong’. The deluxe edition of the greatest hits Foo Fighters Greatest Hits also includes a book and the DVD features a live performance as well as all of their music videos.

Its release created a controversy and some critics regarding the content of the album. Front man Dave Grohl was in fact displeased with the release date of the album as the band has no plans of retiring yet. Grohl would’ve wanted to wait until they retire, but the label wanted them to do a compilation album for four years. Grohl has also stated that he would’ve preferred a different track listing. Critics have also noted that the album has missed to feature some of the best of the Foo Fighters songs. As of October 2010, the Foo Fighters Greatest Hits has sold 330,000 copies.

The Foo Fighters along with the members, Dave Grohl on the vocals and guitars, Nate Mendel on the bass, Taylor Hawkins on the drums and backing vocals, Christ Shiflett on the lead guitar and backing vocals, and Pat Smear on the lead and rhythm guitar, are without doubt among the most popular rock bands of the decade. Lead by the frontman Grohl, the band continues to release only the best of the Foo Fighters tickets, albums and tracks every year.

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