04 February 2012 ~ 19 Comments

The Black Keys Records and Discography

The blues traditionalist duo, The Black Keys surfaced in the blues-rock scene in 2002 with their debut album The Big Come Up. Hailed from Akron, Ohio after dropping out of school, vocalist and guitarist Dan Auerbach, as well as drummer and producer Patrick Carney formed the famous American blues-rock duo The Black Keys in 2001. […]

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23 December 2011 ~ 9 Comments

The Black Keys on Their Tighten Up Single

Not to be confused with the 1968 hit of the same title by the Archie Bell and Billy Buttier, ‘Tighten Up’ of Akron, Ohio’s very own The Black Keys is by far the band’s most successful song to date. Tighten Up is the first single from the latest album released by the Black Keys on […]

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09 October 2011 ~ 9 Comments

Watch The Black Keys Perform Live on Stage for the Rest of 2011

The Black Keys have always offered their fans a good mix of rock and blues, but with their latest record, the band has returned to its roots from their previous psychedelic albums. The year-long tour for The Black Keys in promotion of their sixth studio album Brothers and their 2011 summer tour may be over, […]

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01 October 2011 ~ 25 Comments

Watch The Black Keys Perform Their Album Releases Live

Northern Ohio is known to produce many great artists, and one of them is Akron’s very own The Black Keys. The Black Keys have quickly emerged as one of the great American rock bands of our time. The Black Keys, a duo consists of Dan Auerbach on the guitar and vocals, and drummer/producer Patrick Carney. […]

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25 September 2011 ~ 6 Comments

The Upcoming Shows and Tours of the Black Keys

The Black Keys, a two-man blues-rock band from Akron, Ohio was formed in 2001. The blues-rock ensemble consists of vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney. The name ‘Black Keys’ was inspired by the schizophrenic artist who called the things and the persons whom he did not trust, ‘Black Keys’. The Black Keys rooted their […]

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17 September 2011 ~ 52 Comments

New Record, New Style, and New Sound for The Black Keys

The blues-rock American duo, The Black Keys, hailed from Akron, Ohio is popularly known for recording their songs with simple and old equipments at basements or vacant factories to create their soulful rock music, The Black Keys songs seemed to have time-travelled from a radio show of a long time ago. The band’s guitar/vocalist Dan […]

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