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Journey Tickets: More About Journey

Journey Tickets: More About JourneyFor the legendary band Journey, as their name implies, it has been quite an expedition for them through the music industry. For many years, it has been handed down between generations, with their songs known to be popular choices for covers made by various artists and theme songs in shows, movies and other events. With a wide range of years under their belt, shifting members, worldwide tours and significantly striking messages engraved in each song, Journey has become a rock-solid band worthy of international limelight status.

Journey’s humble beginnings as an offshoot band formed by previous members of the rock band Santana went through various transformations before attaining commercial success in the late 1970s. They experienced disbands and changing of members along the way, only to give the band the boost it needed to gain higher music recording sales with eight multi-platinum, one diamond and two gold albums. They are the 28th best-selling band with 47 million albums sold in the United States alone, which made them one of the country’s most adored bands to date. Their songs commonly reach top 40 spots in the US Billboard Hot 100, with six of them reaching the Top 10 chart ranks.

Former Santana members Gregg Rolie and Neal Schon formed Journey back in 1973 in San Francisco. The first three albums they have had with Columbia Records were more jazz-rock, but with the rhythm guitarist George Tickner leaving the band for medical school and replaced by former Alien Project lead vocalist Steve Perry, their style shifted to sophisticated rock as evidenced in their album “Infinity”. However, despite the success of the album, drummer Aynsley Dunbar left the band and was replaced by Steve Smith. They released “Evolution” album, which included their first US Top 20 hit single “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin”.

One of the founders, Rolie, left after the successful release of “Captured”, their live double album. He was later replaced by Jonathan Cain, in which his entrance paved the way for more success to come their way. With his songwriting skills boosting Journey’s stellar music, they were able to lift the status of their band to a whole new level. The album “Escaped” included several high-charting hits including “Open Arms”, “Who’s Crying Now” and “Don’t Stop Believin’”. On the other hand, their band continuously underwent major transformations with old members leaving and new ones entering the scene. When Perry suffered from health problems, he was replaced by Steve Augeri, who recorded his first single “Remember Me” in 1998 as one of the official soundtracks of the movie Armageddon. This single yet again hit the top spot on the Billboard charts and went triple platinum.

They held a world tour in 2001 in more than 56 cities in support of their 18th release “Arrival”. They had various live shows around the country in their “Under the Radar” Tour, which gave the band a huge break in introducing their new rock image. They have been involved in top-selling tours including “The Main Event Tour” in 2003 and “Detour” in 2004, which sold out Journey tickets across the nation. Lead vocals Steve Augeri dropped from the band with chronic throat infection and were later replaced by Talisman’s Jeff Scott Soto. In 2007, when Schon saw a Filipino singer named Arnel Pineda singing Journey covers in Youtube, they hired him as their main vocalist. With their stellar current line-up composed of Neal Schon on lead guitar, Deen Castronovo on drums and percussion, Jonathan Cain on keyboards and rhythm guitar, Ross Valory on bass and Arnel Pineda as their lead vocalist, they experienced a familiar success with the release of their next album, “Revelation”. The “Eclipse” album, released on May 2011, also has an impressive debut at the Top 13th spot on the Billboard 200 music chart. If you’re interested in more information about this great band, consider also visiting this information page about Journey and Journey tickets. Get your Journey tickets early to ensure you see Journey perform live in a town near you.